Tea bag processing in Vietnam

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Tamsen pharmaceutical and equipment joint stock company is specializing in produce: food, supplement food, tea bag, herbal, tea bag processing service, health supplement processing service. For satisfy customer demand, we are processing some kind of food and food supplement such as: tea bag, dissolve coffee, packing herbal in tea bag, health supplement processing, herbal material wholesale.

We was set up in 2009 specializing in pharmaceutical, herbal and production of herbal supplement. When we started up, we just had a small factory with a little of machine. For 7 years working and development, we have a factory with more than 1.000 square meters and so many years experience on production. We have more than 100 scarcity of skilled labour also.

We have machines in our factory such as:

  • High-powered Crusher machine.
  • Herbal mixer.
  • High-powered dried machine.
  • Automatic tea bag packing machine.
  • Coffee packing machine.

Certificate of Food Safety Conditions

Tea bag processing line

Tủ sấy dược liệu

High-powered dried machine.

Herbal mixer.

High-powered Crusher machine.

Automatic tea packing machine

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Coffee packing machine

Finished Products Photos

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